Have you ever felt alone, lost and defeated while you watched your loved one slowly kill themselves with alcohol or drugs?

This book is the story of one such experience.

Within the pages of this book you will learn about addiction, alcohol and crystal meth. You will journey through with the author as she is blindsided by her father’s alcohol addiction. You will feel the pain of discovery, the joy of recovery, the heartbreak of loss and I doing so you will find the courage to go on.

Interwoven with Kathy Carniero’s personal story are distressing stories from addicts, inspiring stories of recovery, and life changing advice from licensed professionals.

On the Outside Looking In is a must read for every person affected by addiction.

“Knowing the truth about addiction will help the family members, understanding the power of choice will help save the addicts life.”-Kathy


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Kathy began writing On the Outside Looking In a few years after her dad passed away in 2008. Her writing helped her with the healing process. During her years of living on the blindside of her dad’s alcohol addiction, she often felt confused, lost and defeated.

The more she began to open up and talk to people about addiction she realized she was not the only one struggling. She learned there are many people searching for answers and healing. That’s when On the Outside Looking In came to life. She wanted to write a book where everything a person was looking for coming from both sides of addiction would be available.



This audio clip will give you a brief insight to the information contained in “ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN”.

Reader Reviews: We Love our Readers, And They Love Us.

I learned there are many people searching for answers and healing. That’s when On the Outside Looking In came to life. Check out what our readers are saying about ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN!

“Great resource for friends/families of addicts”

“This book is a great resource for friends and families of addicts. It is especially valuable for those who are newly dealing with addiction in their loved ones. The author depicts her struggle with her Father’s alcoholism and teaches the reader the most important lesson of living with an addict; the hardest lesson to accept; no matter how much you love and no matter how hard you try, the addict cannot recover until the addict chooses to do so.” – Tiffany P Maza

As someone that has a family member addicted to drugs for over 20 years I could really relate to the author’s experience with her loved one. Trying to understand some else’s addictions, what drove them to it, why can’t they stop, all the questions I ask myself even after all these years can make you crazy. Thank you Kathy for writing a book that reflect my own experiences and reminds me that I am not alone!!
Mark H.
This reminds me of a “text book” more than a story about an individual’s struggle. It is good for those looking to be informed on what an addiction is and how folks deal with it in their lives … VERY INFORMATIVE. The author interweaves her own struggle, her own personal battle with the force of the demon within.
I wish I would have had this book many years ago when I was in either of two relationships with addicts – one an alcoholic and the other an IV drug user. The results of both being heartache for me and of no use to them. Kathy presents multiple sides of the issue of addiction by using very personal accounts from her own father’s alcoholism as well as contributions from therapists, addiction specialists, interventionist, and addicts. The result is a very complete treatment of the subject of addiction viewed from the inside and out.
A.E. Drury
“This book was educational, emotional and full of hope. The authors ability to convey her overwhelming heartbreak as a result of her own personal experiences, along with other personal testimonies, made for an experience you won’t soon forget. The reader finishes the book with a sense of hope that they are not alone in their own battles. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has dealt with any kind of addiction and for anyone
who wants to gain more knowledge on a topic that is so common in today’s society.”
“Kathy has courageously shared her story so that others can learn about the devastating effects of addiction, how to cope with addiction and the hope of finding recovery, peace and serenity. I would recommend reading this book as it is educational, hopeful and comes from someone who has first hand experience of how addiction effects not only the addict, but the family as well. The personal experiences and testimonies quoted in her book are touching as well as encouraging. A must read for everyone, because we are all touched in some way by addictions.”



Peter Powers, Interventionist, SteppingIntoChange.com
Patty Powers, Sober Coach, PattyPowersNYC.com

Counseling for those affected by alcohol addiction:
1-888-425-2666 • Al-Anon.alateen.org

Alcohol Addiction resources:
1-800-559-9503 • AlcoholAddiction.org

Suicide Hotline:
1-800-273-8255 • SuicidePreventionLifeline.org

Intervention Services:
1-900-995-9729 • InterventionServicesInc.com

Crystal Meth Addiction:
1-866-596-1990 • CrystalMethAddiction.org


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